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Mayrhofen - Zillertal Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria Visit website
With 133 kilometres of piste, the resort Mayrhofen-Zillertal provides amazing skiing during whole winter season.
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Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria is a top destination for skiing, especially in the winter months. The ski season in Mayrhofen usually starts in late November and runs through early April. The area is home to the ski resort of Penken, which boasts some of the best runs, pistes and slopes in the entire Tirol region. The mountain terrain offers something for skiers of all ability levels and provides stunning views of the surrounding area.
Mayrhofen, Tirol in Austria is a great place for walking. In Mayrhofen, the hiking trails provide breathtaking views of the alps. There are trails for all experience and fitness levels, including easy paths through town, more diverse routes up to panoramic vantage points and challenging uphill climbs. Nature lovers will also be thrilled to know that they can find rare, endemic plant and animal species while on the trails. Additionally, some trails lead to old historical sites, like rustic Alpine huts and chapels. Mayrhofen is also known for its many mountain bike trails, as well as its diverse Via Ferrata (climbing) options, making it an adventure paradise.
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