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Hintertuxer Gletscher Hintertux, Tirol, Austria Visit website

The place on the Earth where you never forget the flavor of snowflakes. Hintertux Glacier is open for ski freaks 365 days a year, it is one of only 2 ski resorts in the whole world which welcomes visitors throughout the year.

51 km of slopes accessible during wintertime and 20 km during summer. Winter is fulfilled with perfect weather conditions, ski enthusiasts enjoy 79% of High skiing comfort level, get fun with 11% of Medium, and 10% of days there are bad weather conditions, which equals Low skiing comfort zone. And visitors are super surprised with frosty mornings in summer, unbelievable High skiing comfort index is guaranteed 71% of days.

The terrain is mainly north-facing which brings colder days in winter and cozy conditions in summer.

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Hintertux, Tirol, Austria is renowned for its incredible skiing. Located in the Tux Valley, the resort offers some of the best skiing in all of Europe, with breathtaking scenery and a ski area that spans over 125 km of ski runs. With artificial snow-making facilities and state-of-the-art lifts, the resort is one of the most modern resorts in the Alps. There is something for everyone here, from challenging off-piste and slalom to easy beginner downhill runs, plus a wide range of cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.
Walking in Hintertux, Tirol, Austria is a great way to experience the stunning beauty of the area. The picturesque mountain scenery offers stunning views of the surrounding peaks, alpine meadows and glaciers. The Hintertux Glacier Ski Area is a popular place to explore on foot and visitors can take in breathtaking views of the three thousanders (3,000 m mountains) on a hike of their choice. The trails are well maintained, marked and free from congestion, offering plenty of opportunities for a peaceful stroll. The local green meadows are a delight for the eyes, and for nature lovers, there are plenty of endemic wildlife, plant and flower species to appreciate. Adventure seekers looking for the ultimate thrill can also opt for marathon-style mountain hikes and guided glacier tours.
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