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Opishnya Trail Opishnya, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine Visit website
Pottery Capital of Ukraine. Opishnya ceramics are famous in Ukraine as well as in entire world. Opishnya town is located on several hills in Poltava region closely to Vorskla river. It is great place to do hiking, running and cycling around this town during all year.
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Opishnya, located in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine is a great running spot due to its spectacular natural landscape. The area is filled with forests, rivers, hills, and valleys, which make it a great terrain for an empowering run. The area is also home to a number of historic sights, so runner can take in the sights of Ukrainian culture as they run. Additionally, there are some great, less-known trails that can be explored for a more adventurous running experience.
Hiking in Opishnya, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine offers something for everyone. A great option is the 4-kilometer walk up the slopes of Mount Stolbickiy, which is the highest point in the region and provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. There are several marked trails in the area for those who prefer to stay closer to the ground. Additionally, the area offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife and plant sightings, reminding visitors of the natural beauty of the region.
Opishnya is a cycling destination located in the Poltava Oblast of Ukraine. It is home to a number of cycling routes and paths that take take riders through scenic forests and hills. It boasts a 30 km loop road which leads to the town's pine grove, with breathtaking views of surrounding countryside. The extensive network of roads and routes are perfect for both beginner and experienced cyclists.
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