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The Awakino ski field is located in St. Marys Range, North Otago, New Zealand near Kurow. It is run by the Waitaki Ski Club. The field is little changed from when it was established in the late 1940s. Run by volunteers only, it operates most weekends in the winter season, which normally lasts from mid June to October. 5 rm of slopes and 3 lifts are accasible for visitors.
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Awakino, Otago, New Zealand is a great skiing destination for experienced skiers. Located in the Southern Alps region of the South Island, the area is blessed with some of the best powder skiing in New Zealand. Although it can be a long drive from Christchurch or Queenstown, the views from the top of the runs are breathtaking. The runs are mostly steep and backcountry terrain with some groomed runs in the main resort area. It is a great spot for those who love extreme skiing, and a great location for ski touring in the backcountry. The ski season runs from July to October and the weather can vary greatly - so make sure you are prepared for any conditions. The lodge nearby provides a great base for your skiing adventure.
Hiking in Awakino, Otago, New Zealand is particularly spectacular as the region offers stunning sea and mountain views. Bushwalks, tramps and off-track adventures are all possible in this area, with endless possibilities for exploration. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll along the coastline or tackle some of the more challenging hikes available, Awakino is a great destination to discover on foot. With plenty of accommodation options and easy access to many of New Zealand’s most impressive landscapes, this corner of the South Island has something special to offer explorers of all levels.
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