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Ben Lomond Ben Lomond, Tasmania, Australia Visit website
This ski resort is located in Tasmania. Skier ans snowdoarders are able to ski between the elevations of 1,460 and 1,572 m. There are 6 km of slopes available covered with 7 lifts. The ski season starts in July and closes late September.
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Ben Lomond is one of Tasmania’s most popular skiing destinations, offering some of the country’s best downhill and cross-country skiing. Located in Tasmania's north-east highlands, Ben Lomond National Park stretches nearly 40 kilometres along the Great Western Tiers mountain range and is the only Australian ski resort with 2000 metres of vertical descent. The ski season usually runs from late June - October, with a snow depth ranging from 1-3 metres along the Main Range and even higher in the bowls and gullies of the Ben Lomond National Park making Ben Lomond an ideal place to explore some of the best skiing in Tasmania. The terrain at Ben Lomond varies from wide open runs ideal for beginners or those wanting to improve, to narrow intricate gullies suited to the more advanced skiers, while the scenic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes are simply breathtaking!
Ben Lomond National Park in Tasmania is a popular destination for hikers. It is known for its rugged, untouched beauty - serene lakes, snow-capped mountains, eucalyptus forests, wildflower-filled meadows and dramatic cliffs. Hiking in the park is a great way to explore the area and discover its many wonders. The most popular hike is to the summit of Ben Lomond (1572m), within walking distance of the Ben Lomond Ski Village. The ascent is relatively easy and beautiful views of the surrounding mountain range can be seen from the peak. The climb is of medium difficulty with some steep sections and should take anywhere from four to six hours depending on your fitness level and the weather. Other trails within the park include the Doo Town Trail, an easy walk with spectacular views of Ben Lomond; Mt. Prophit, a challenging 5-6 hour return hike; and Stanks Track, a moderate 4-5 hour return walk.
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