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Livigno Livigno, Italy, Italy Visit website
Livigno is a ski resort in the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border. It's known for its snow parks, with slopes and trails. Livigno has 115km of downhill runs and 32 lifts and there is amply room and little queuing.
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Hiking in Livigno, Italy is an amazing experience. It is a ski resort town, filled with alpine mountains and forests, making it perfect for exploration. There are numerous trails that can be taken, ranging from those suitable for beginners to more advanced ones, filled with stunning scenery and plenty of opportunity to admire the flora and fauna of the area. For a real challenge, take on the summit of Mount Mottolino which stands at 2,570 metres and offers panoramic views of the nearby villages.
Livigno is one of Italy's top ski resorts, with 88 miles of slopes serviced by 32 ski lifts. This ski resort has something for everyone, from beginners and leisurely skiers to those looking for longer runs and steep terrain. Livigno offers a wide range of ski packages for all ability levels, with guided tours, beginner slopes, and a number of shops, restaurants, and bars. This charming ski village also boasts warm hospitality and plenty of rental options to make your holiday a pleasure.
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