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Courmayeur Courmayeur, Italy, Italy Visit website
Courmayeur is a traditional Italian resort, and surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery close to the borders with Switzerland and France. The mountain slopes are best for intermediate skiers, although experts will love the heliskiing and off-piste opportunities.
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Courmayeur (also known as Cor-may-or) is a picturesque ski resort nestled high in the Aosta Valley in northern Italy and home to some of the world's best ski conditions. Courmayeur offers varied terrain for all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts, with over 130km of slopes for skiers and snowboarders to explore. The ski area is serviced by a modern lift system and boasts a range of restaurants and bars, offering après ski activities and entertainment to suit all tastes. The scenery around Courmayeur is truly breathtaking and skiers can take in some of the best views of Europe, including the iconic Mont Blanc.
Courmayeur is a premier mountain town in the Italian Alps and is a popular hiking destination. With its proximity to the Alps, it offers a wide range of trails and spectacular mountain views. The area features trails of varying difficulty and length, from short, easy walks to difficult, multi-day hikes. Popular trekking routes include the Grand Chemin du Col de la Seigne, the Tour of Monte Bianco, and the trails of the Val Ferret Valley. Courmayeur also offers more challenging back-country hiking for the more experienced hiker.
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