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Mont Sutton is a ski area in the Eastern Townships located within the town of Sutton, Quebec, Canada, about 5 km directly east of its urban district. Known for its glades skiing, today it operates 9 lifts with an 11,800 person/hour capacity and hosts a terrain park.
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Sutton, Quebec is known for its beautiful ski hills, small villages and resorts, and its great snow conditions. Its large ski resort, Monts Sutton, is the largest ski resort in Quebec. With over 40 trails across 145 acres and a vertical drop of 475 feet, this mountain provides a perfect day on the slopes for skiers of all levels. The mountain also emphasizes environmentally conscious practices, such as minimizing emissions, promoting a “ski green” program, and banning the use of plastic bags. In the night, the alpine village of Sutton lights up with a lively après-ski scene, art galleries, and cozy restaurants.
Sutton is a small town in the Outaouais region of Quebec, Canada and is home to a variety of hiking trails with stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. This area is surrounded by both deciduous and coniferous forests and features abundant wildlife including birds, deer, black bear, moose, beavers, and other wildlife. The hiking trails range from easy, 1-2 hour hikes to more intense, backcountry experiences, that can take an entire day. Along the trails visitors will find stunning views of the Hills of Hurdman and the valleys surrounding Sutton. For those looking for a more adventurous experience, some of the trails eventually reach the summit of Mount Sutton, a 900 m peak with a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding area.
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