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St Anton am Arlberg St Anton am Arlberg, Tirol, Austria Visit website

In the 2016 St. Anton am Arlberg was united with other ski resorts in the closest area St. Christoph, Stuben and Lech/Zürs/Warth/Schröcken. Together they formed the Ski Arlberg ski resort with 340 km of slopes with elevations between 1300 and 2811 m.

Visitors will be surprised by the really high number of perfect weather days. More than 80% of the days are with a High skiing comfort index. Medium skiing comfort zone reaches 12% and during 8% of the skiing season, it is tough to stay on the slopes due to heavy fog, rain, or high temperature.

St Anton is famous for heavy snowfalls mainly in January and February, this guarantees many powder days for ski lovers.

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Here you can find the weather comfort level for hiking in this resort.
Here you can find the weather comfort level for skiing in this resort.
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