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Telluride Mountain Vilage, Colorado, United States Visit website
The Telluride Ski Resort is a year round destination located in the southwest corner of Colorado. The resort is in the southern San Juan Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountains, and is home to the highest concentration of 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks in North America. Being one of the youngest mountain ranges in the country, the peaks and faces of the San Juan Mountains have not yet been worn down by weather and time thus providing scenic and dramatic landscape views
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Mountain Village, Colorado, United States offers some of the best skiing in the world. Located in the San Juan Mountains, the town offers ski runs on both sides of the ski area including Telluride Ski Resort and the town’s own Mountain Village Ski Area. Skiers have access to 3000 acres of groomed terrain, 200+ trails, and breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains. The Mountain Village ski area is tailor-made for skiers of all skill and comfort levels, with terrain for everyone from beginners to experts. The village itself offers a variety of locally owned restaurants, shops, and lodging to choose from.
Mountain Village, Colorado is a great spot for hiking as it is situated at the base of the San Juan Mountain Range in southwest Colorado. It offers beautiful trails spanning miles and miles of rugged wilderness. From easy hikes through blooming meadows, to challenging climbs up steep terrain, Mountain Village has something for hikers of all skill levels. One of the most popular trails in the area is the Telluride Ski Trail, which winds its way from Mountain Village to Telluride. However, there are plenty of trails for hikers to explore, including plenty of peaks with stunning views and many scenic lakes. Some of these trails can be accessed via the Village Express Gondola, making it easy for hikers to explore the area.
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