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Vail Ski Resort is located in Eagle County, Colorado, next to the town of Vail. At 5,289 acres (2,140 ha), it is the 3rd largest single mountain ski resort in the United States.
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Vail Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States and one of the most popular winter destinations in the world. Located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Vail is known for its stunning mountain views, over three miles of skiable terrain, and world-class ski and snowboarding experience. Vail also offers a variety of activities such as terrain parks, sledding hills, ice skating, snow shoe tours, and more. With a variety of ski accommodation and easy access to world-class restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, Vail is the perfect place for an unforgettable ski and snowboard adventure.
Vail Ski Resort in Colorado, United States offers an extensive range of hiking trails to explore. From easy strolls to challenging vistas, there is something to suit every ability level. For those seeking a more strenuous challenge, over 2,000 acres of hiking terrain can be found throughout the resort. From lower elevation trails such as the popular Piney River Ranch & Waterfall Trail near the village, to higher elevation destinations such as the Booth Lake Trail on Vail Mountain, the possibilities for excellent day hikes are plentiful.
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