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Cerna Hora Cerna Hora, Kralovehradecky Kraj, Czech Republic Visit website
Ski resort Cerna Hora offers up to 19 kilometers of various ski terrains where every skier and snowboarder finds their own.
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The Cerna Hora Ski Resort is an excellent choice for skiing near the Kralovehradecky Kraj region. This ski area is extremely popular, offering fantastic snow and well-managed slopes with plenty of challenging runs. With over 30 km of trails, snow park, boardercross and night-skiing, this area is perfect for both advanced and beginner skiers. Cerna Hora also has plenty of ski and snowboard schools, equipment rentals, restaurants, cafes and shops. It is also connected to the neighbouring town, Horni Marsov, which provides additional ski slopes and night life opportunities.
Cerna Hora is known for its picturesque trails, making it an idyllic region for walking! The landscape is characterized by steep, forested hills and the region has plenty of trails to choose from. Whether you are looking for a quiet, meditative path or an adrenaline-filled hike, you can find it in Cerna Hora. One of the most popular trails is the forest trail leading up to the summit of Cerna Hora, where you will find stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The summit itself is also great for birdwatching, as many different species of birds inhabit the area.
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