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Pec pod Snezkou Pec pod Snezkou, Kralovehradecky Kraj, Czech Republic Visit website
The highest mountain of the Czech Republic and an active mountain centre in winter. Climatic and snow conditions are usually a nice surprise for many visitors to Pec pod Sněžkou.
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Pec pod Sněžkou is set inside the Krkonoše Mountains, the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic and part of the Sudetes Mountains. It is the main ski resort in Kralovehradecky Kraj and offers a range of activities for winter and summer. Skiing here is a great experience with a wide variety of slopes for different abilities, from beginner to advanced, and with 14 ski lifts to take you up the mountain. In the summer months, you can find plenty of activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and fishing, making it the perfect destination for any nature enthusiast.
Pec pod Snezkou is a popular walking destination in Kralovehradecky Kraj, Czech Republic boasting a variety of trails. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the towering Snezka Mountain and many other scenic views along the ridgeline. There is a dedicated base at the Eulenberger Chalet, where visitors can access a variety of trails, signposted paths and guided tours. There are routes suitable for all abilities, from easy short strolls to much more challenging wildflower walks and hikes to the peak of Snezka Mountain.
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