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Wallberg Tegernseer Tal Wallberg Tegernseer Tal, Bayern, Germany Visit website
Snow-capped central Alps offers family funs as well as challenging trails for skiers and mountaineers.
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Wallberg Tegernseer Tal is located in the heart of the Bavarian Alps and is one of Germany’s most popular ski resorts. Set on the four mountains of Buchensteinwand, Geigelstein, Wallberg and Hirschberg, the ski area offers stunning views and a wealth of skiing options. From beginner slopes to grand downhill runs and an extensive terrain park - there’s something for everyone. Wallberg offers skiing in all weather conditions, with snow machines ensuring that even during the warmer months the slopes are in perfect condition. And with the resort being home to some of the country’s best restaurants, thrilling nightlife and beautiful spa retreats, you can enjoy a fabulous winter holiday both on and off the snow.
Wallberg Tegernseer Tal, Bayern, Germany offers stunning walking opportunities. The Alpine terrain offers spectacular views of the Bavarian countryside, including glacial valleys, alpine pastures, alpine wetlands, and well-preserved forests. Several trails harbor ancient healing herbs, medieval culture, and rural German villages. Wallberg Mountain is especially popular for hikers, offering an adventure of both difficulty and extremes with several routes to reach the summit. It makes for an unforgettable experience of stunning landscape and solitude.
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