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Wallberg Tegernseer Tal Wallberg Tegernseer Tal, Bayern, Germany Visit website
Snow-capped central Alps offers family funs as well as challenging trails for skiers and mountaineers.
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Wallberg in Tegernseer Tal is known as one of the Alps' most spectacular alpine ski areas, renowned for its spectacular views of the Alps and Tegernsee lake. Skiing in Wallberg offers a variety of slopes with a variety of difficulty levels, suitable for all levels of skiing ability. The slopes provide breathtaking views and a fantastic surrounding scenery, making it an ideal winter sports destination. There are also a variety of restaurants and ski rental centers available if needed.
The Wallberg walk in Tegernsee Tal is a popular hiking route in the Bavarian Alps that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Starting at the top of Wallberg, hikers will pass through lush forests, past meadows of wildflowers, and along ridges offering dramatic views of the Alps. The 5.5km (3.4miles) route can take up to three hours to complete and twists along the south side of the mountain with several places to take a rest and enjoy the views. The summit of Wallberg offers a spectacular view of the panoramic valley and mountain range right at the hikers feet.
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