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Karwendel - Mittenwald Karwendel - Mittenwald, Bayern, Germany Visit website
The freeride ski resort 2,244 m above sea level extends over 7 km of ungroomed alpine terrain.
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Karwendel - Mittenwald, Bayern, Germany is a great destination for a ski holiday. It has a wide range of different slopes and activities available, from beginner to advanced, so there is something to suit all skills levels. Taking a gondola with unparalleled views of the valley is just one of the many options for those looking for spectacular sights. In addition to skiing, the area also offers snowshoeing, sledding, tobogganing, and a variety of other winter activities. The combination of different attractions makes this an excellent destination for a winter holiday.
The Karwendel Mittenwald region offers some of the best hiking in Germany. It is well-mapped, easily accessible and boasts breathtaking views. There are over 130 kilometers of marked trails including nature trails, multi-day hikes, and historic trails that criss-cross the region. The trails are suitable for all skill levels, and there are plenty of‪ rest stops and berghäuser to make your journey more enjoyable. The region is also home to some of the highest peaks in Bavaria, such as the Hochalmspitze, which stands at 2,752 meters. The views over the majestic Karwendel Mountain Range from the various peaks make for a stunning experience.
Karwendel Mittenwald, Bayern, Germany is a great place for cycling. The area is known for its stunning mountain views, harsh terrain, and unique landscapes. The Karwendel Alps, which make up the eastern part of the region, are a popular cycling destination due to their challenging terrain and well-developed bike paths. The area is particularly suited for road biking, but also offers great opportunities for mountain biking, as the lows and hills in the region make the paths varied and interesting. The rest of the Karwendel region offers some great off-road accessible paths where cyclists can explore the stunning natural beauty of the region. Some of the most popular paths are the Karwendal Trail and the River Niederlaba Path, both of which offer amazing views of the area.
Karwendel is a stunning mountain range located just north of the German-Austrian border. It is a paradise for those who love walking in the mountains and provides a wide range of trails for all levels of walkers. From gentle mountain meadows to challenging high-altitude ridge walks, the stunning Karwendel mountain range offers plenty of opportunity for exploration. There are several romantic huts and shelters located along the trails, offering delicious meals and an unbeatable view of the surrounding landscape. For those looking for an adrenalin-filled adventure, the Karwendel offers plenty of opportunities for sport climbing, mountaineering, and paragliding.
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