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Zugspitze Zugspitze, Bayern, Germany Visit website
Germany’s highest ski resort. Magnificent alpine panorama with powder snow.
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The Zugspitze in Bayern, Germany, is a great place for skiing, and is not only the highest peak in Germany, but is also the highest point in the whole of the European Union. The Zugspitze ski area has a variety of piste levels suitable for all, from expert skiers to beginners, and includes beautiful and long runs, with an impressive vertical drop of 2,026 meters. There is also plenty of off-piste skiing, with challenging and exciting terrain, deep powder and good tree skiing. The ski area is serviced by eight gondolas and a number of chairlifts, as well as some of the ski schools in the Alps offering top-notch instruction. Overall, Zugspitze is a fantastic and well-rounded ski destination with something for everyone.
Walking in Zugspitze, Bayern, Germany can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Located in the Bavarian region of Germany, it is Germany’s highest peak and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, glaciers and mountains. There are numerous trails to the peak and the surrounding area with varying difficulty levels, suitable for all levels of experience. Hikers may also explore the nearby glaciers or enjoy the picturesque hamlets and villages that dot the area. A hike to the summit of Zugspitze is a thrilling and rewarding experience.
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