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Saas Grund - Hohsaas Saas Grund - Hohsaas, Valais, Switzerland Visit website
You can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of 18 peaks of 4,000 metres or more and over 100 hectares of groomed slopes.
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Saas Grund in the Valais region of Switzerland is a popular ski destination situated high in the Alps. With an elevation of over 2000 metres, Saas Grund offers skiiers and snowboarders an incredible ski experience, with breathtaking views and runs of all levels of difficulty. The area also provides family-friendly options with a good selection of ski lifts as well as ski schools and offering especially well suited for children. Saas Grund is known for its reliable snowfall, allowing beginner and advanced skiers alike to enjoy the slopes without worrying about icy or slushy conditions. In addition to the excellent ski slopes, Saas Grund also offers a great array of après ski activities including snowshoeing, tobogganing and even paragliding.
Saas Grund is a charming mountain village located at the foot of the 4,000 metre high peaks of the Saas Valley in Valais, Switzerland. Whether you are looking for an easy stroll in the valley or a more daring trail up one of the peaks, the Alps of Saas Grund have something for every level of hiker and adventurer. Trails range from easy, winding paths in the valley to moderately challenging summiting hikes, with a few technical climbs available depending on the time of year. Along the way, visitors can take in beautiful views of the Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, and other iconic Swiss peaks. For those looking for winter activities, hiking can also be done in the snow, and a variety of cross-country ski trails are available. Saas Grund is a great place to go walking and enjoy the beauty of the Swiss outdoors.
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